Greetings and Joy in Abundance!

Ever wonder why some people seem to be floating through life and others stumble?

I wonder this, and seek to find ways to float instead of stumble. Maybe you would like to join me in this search.

Seeking a closer relationship with God seems to allow my life to float along a little easier.

Phillipians 4:5-6 tells us to reveal our gentleness outwardly, that God is near and that we should not be anxious about anything, but through prayer and petition, we should thankfully approach the Lord with our concerns.

As a high energy person, my anxiety can run high. I am constantly seeking ways to leave my concerns at the foot of the cross.

Random? Probably not.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Ah, the cool breeze...

Did you notice today that the cool weather has arrived in Florida?  Yes, today, my toes realized that it might be time for socks.

I will most likely try to avoid those socks for a few more days.  My toes like the fresh air!

The open window in my office reminds me of the amazing nature that surrounds us.  The gentle breeze is blowing, the air is moving, the leaves are rustling , the trees are swaying and the sounds of nature penetrate the silence of the office space I use to work from home.

Yes, God tells us that we cannot deny Him - nature reflects His glory.  It also reflects his sense of humor, doesn't it?  Just look at shrubs and trees for example.  They grow wild, and we trim them to look beautiful.  The grow wild again and we trim them again. 

I was thinking today about business and how we have those folks in our office who don't fit the mold, and we try to trim them up and keep them in the corporate zone, and then they get comfy and grow a little more, their creative juices flow, and off they go!  So, we have them come into the office and we remind them how we do things here, encourage them to tone it down and express how important they are to the company and hope that they will conform for a while.  And usually, they do: for a while.  Then, grow a little, stretch a little, and the office visit again.  Wow.  It's like that with manicured people and manicured lawns.  We are respectable, not messy.  We don't like it when things get a little out of control. 

So, is there hope, or are we always doomed to stretch, reach, and expand only to be cut off at the elbow so that we fit in with the rest of the crowd?  I believe there is hope.  There is a way for everyone to keep their individuality while at the same time getting along with the corporate mold.  It's called mutual respect of uniqueness.  This is something that is learned, and I think it is something that is easily understood.  Caring for other first allows us to easily accept the differences and uniqueness that strengthens the group.

It is all in our understanding of who we are and who God is.  Once we get there, it's so much easier to accept and encourage those around us.  Get it? Got it?  Good.  I'm there.  Sending love to all of you...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Using our Gifts or Abusing our Gifts...

Have you ever taken a personality test or character assessment and found out you had some talents that were yet to be pursued and developed?  I had that happen a few years ago, and I was just remniscing about this last evening.

If we have gifts and don't use them, what does that say about us?  If we don't know they are there, then I suppose it doesn't give us anything to look at, but if we know we are gifted in, say, music, for example.  I am gifted in music.  I have been in a choir of some sort since I was 4 years old.  I played piano as a child and guitar and flute at some point.  I have a natural gifting and it is easy for me, but at the same time, there are seasons in my life when music has taken a back seat.  Like right now.  I have been very busy with so many other things, that I am not in a choir, I am not in a band, I am not playing guitar or piano at all, and my memory of these instruments has faded.

Is this abuse of the gift of music?  Some might say yes.  In a way, I think I might agree. 

Do you have a gift you've used in the past and think that season has passed?  Is it time to bring those gifts back to the forefront and take them for a whirl?  I sometimes wonder about the college education I received and worked so hard to complete.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Ministry with a Specialization in Leadership from Florida Christian College.  I worked hard to complete this degree, took many courses in ministry and leadership.  I have an Associate of Arts from Dutchess Community College which represents a variety of coursework heavily concentrated in English, Science, History and Psychology.  I love to learn, and I enjoy new things.  I dig from the deep coffers of my educational soup in my brain every day.  The leadership courses and environmental courses I took work together with faith to build a great resource for encouraging and empowering others to be the best representative that they have been created to be. 

So, as I consider the education I have, the gifts I have been given and the great resources at my disposal, all I can continue to think is, wow.  I really don't even touch the surface of my capabilities most days.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I love so many things and enjoy so many things that I'm not sure where to stop and where to start sometimes.  Helping others find focus and energy is easy for me, but helping myself...not so easy. 

This is when I realized that this is by design.  God created us to be in community with one another.  If I could help myself, I wouldn't need to turn to the Lord or turn to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to assist me in maintaining the right attitude, the right focus and the right vision for my life.  I thank God that I cannot live this life in a bubble and that there are so many wonderful people to help me through it.  I know that you may feel this same way sometimes.  Look for a faithful friend and ask them to help you find your focus.  This is one gift you can give them today.  It will allow them to look at themselves as well.  Helping others encourages us.  It is through giving that we receive.  "I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths." Proverbs 4:11
Blessings and Joy to you!


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