Greetings and Joy in Abundance!

Ever wonder why some people seem to be floating through life and others stumble?

I wonder this, and seek to find ways to float instead of stumble. Maybe you would like to join me in this search.

Seeking a closer relationship with God seems to allow my life to float along a little easier.

Phillipians 4:5-6 tells us to reveal our gentleness outwardly, that God is near and that we should not be anxious about anything, but through prayer and petition, we should thankfully approach the Lord with our concerns.

As a high energy person, my anxiety can run high. I am constantly seeking ways to leave my concerns at the foot of the cross.

Random? Probably not.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So, I was thinking...dangerous, I know. 

Well, our heritage is important to us.  It is part of who we are.  Our history and ancestry tend to give us boundaries and definition, don't they?  In my family, my grandmother was the one who talked the most about our heritage.  Even though her ancestry was only 1/4 of my heritage, it seemed to take priority in our family.  Why was that?  The older I get, the more I wonder about that.  It seems to me that she had the most information and she shared the most about who we were and where we came from.  So our family tends to focus on those things. 

Is that the way it is with our heritage with God?  Do we tend to leave out the heritage that is ours to claim as children of the Creator of the universe?  Do we forget that we need to remind and remember all of the pieces of history?  I know as a fortunate young lady I was reminded often of my heritage that came from the earth and the heritage that comes from heaven.  As a child of God, I know where my ancestry comes from.  Where on earth my maternal and paternal lines run, the bottom line is that they end up always coming down to God the Father.  Without that heritage, we really have no need of an earthly heritage...right?  What legacy do we leave to show that we are children of God?  Did your family ever give you the speech saying, 'Now don't do anything that will land your picture on the front page of the paper...'  or 'I'd better not hear about what you're doing from the neighbors.'  like I did?  It reminded me as a child, a youth and a young adult that everything I did was a reflection of my family as a whole.

In turn, all we do is a reflection of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  So, does our heritage as children of God shine through the work that we do each day?  I pray that it does.  I pray every day that I am reflecting the grace, mercy, peace and love of God.  I pray that you are too.  Be blessed.  Be a blessing.  Reflect your true heritage as a Child of God.

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