Greetings and Joy in Abundance!

Ever wonder why some people seem to be floating through life and others stumble?

I wonder this, and seek to find ways to float instead of stumble. Maybe you would like to join me in this search.

Seeking a closer relationship with God seems to allow my life to float along a little easier.

Phillipians 4:5-6 tells us to reveal our gentleness outwardly, that God is near and that we should not be anxious about anything, but through prayer and petition, we should thankfully approach the Lord with our concerns.

As a high energy person, my anxiety can run high. I am constantly seeking ways to leave my concerns at the foot of the cross.

Random? Probably not.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


In the midst of the hard times, we are faced with a choice.  How will we react to the tough choices?  What will be the words that grace our lips when we share our thoughts and feelings?  I remember a time (many years ago) when I witnessed something that changed me for my life to come. 

I am one of those people.  Nothing bad (I mean really bad) really happened to me as a kid.  I was blessed beyond measure and didn't really truly understand the depth of emotional pain and anquish that was to come in my life or that other people lived with on a daily basis.  But I saw something once.  I saw someone I new very well in the midst of a horrible crisis.  In the midst of this crisis, my friend was falling into a pit of despair that was so deep she could not see any light at all.  I couldn't understand this pain.  I couldn't even come close to feeling or touching that experience.  But I knew this.  I was there for a reason in her life and I knew who God had created me to be. 

So, I hugged her and told her I loved her and just sat there with her in the midst of her pain.  She cried and I cried and there were a lot of wadded up soggy tissues on the floor of the bedroom.  Then things calmed down a little bit.  The sobs were shorter.  The discussion grew deeper.  The sharing started.  My understanding was no better - I really couldn't comprehend this particular issue at that time in my life - the whole concept of her pain was foreign to me.  I listened and waited and empathized...I hurt because she hurt.  I cried because she cried.  I loved her with the love of Christ Jesus...that's really all I had.

Later, weeks later, she shared with me that it was that moment, in that room, with the love and care I shared through a tear that she felt there was hope.  Now, I didn't tell her that I was loving her with the love of Jesus - she would have ushered me right out of her house!  This friend of mine was not Christian.  She did not go to church.  She was 15 years old.  It was a bad time.  It was some bad stuff.  I grew up that day in a way I would never really understand until years later. 

What is encouragement?  It is loving people through the lens of Jesus.  It is showing and revealing that there is hope where it seems like none exists.  It is demonstrating faith where there is no common sense to it.  It is not needing to have all the information, but caring and loving just the same.  It is finding that one thing, and asking God to reveal the light and truth in whatever it is.  Revealing and sharing, encountering and accepting - it is the very paradox between God's law and gospel that allows us to do this.  To be who we are.  To encourage - to share - to love - that's just me.  Who are you? 

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