Greetings and Joy in Abundance!

Ever wonder why some people seem to be floating through life and others stumble?

I wonder this, and seek to find ways to float instead of stumble. Maybe you would like to join me in this search.

Seeking a closer relationship with God seems to allow my life to float along a little easier.

Phillipians 4:5-6 tells us to reveal our gentleness outwardly, that God is near and that we should not be anxious about anything, but through prayer and petition, we should thankfully approach the Lord with our concerns.

As a high energy person, my anxiety can run high. I am constantly seeking ways to leave my concerns at the foot of the cross.

Random? Probably not.


Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was just thinking about how responsibility plays such a big role in our lives.  From the time we are small, we are responsible for something.  As we grow, the responsibility grows.  Remember that Jesus tells us that of those who are given much, much is required.  On Friday, I was reminded about the responsibility that encompasses my life.  I do believe that each person who comes across my path has been given to me.  God gives me this great gift of friendship, acquaintance, connection or encouragement.  Through this gift, I then must respond.  I can choose to reject the person and their gift to me or I can accept the gift and cherish it.  I choose to cherish the people who are placed in my path.  Do you?  What does it look like?  For me, I feel a responsibility to use the gifts I have been given to touch the lives of those in my path.  I pray that you might find a way to see people through the eyes of God this week and look at how you might be a gift to them.  Because you are a gift.  You are a gift to me.  I cherish and treasure you.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Welcome to my new blog!  I am excited about sharing opportunities for seeking God here and for making new friendships and connections to further our collaborative work within the kingdom of God here on earth.  Join me in seeking God's desire for us - the overflowing energy and grace of God's love.

I look forward to hearing from many of you as I develop this extension of my life...Blessings and Joy to you all!    ...Lori Gates


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